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Welcome to Starry Night

Hearts of The Herd

The Mission:

Hearts of the Herd

is to empower individuals to allow for personal growth through relationships with their equine partners.

Our Vision:

To provide a trusting, supportive  and inclusive space for individuals in need of growth, hope and help through the powerful impact of equine assisted services.

Growth Goals:

Our Equine Assisted Learning programs are designed to support the needs of our individual students.  We work to meet each individual where they are and help them make growth towards their goals.


What is Equine Assisted Learning?  

Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) is experiential educational activities guided by our team, which includes an Educator/Equine Specialist, a certified Mental Health Provider and our equine partners. EAL promotes personal growth, social emotional awareness and development, and/or academic and functional life skills through equine interactions involving groundwork and education. 

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